The World of Projekt Keu

logo_projectketuHELLO FRIEND!!!

I want to invite you into the world of PROJECT “KETU” – a new game, invented by based on the ELITE worlds, and other space simulators.

The game was conceived as a chat room, which would be different from many others in that it would be a world, a universe in which there are “extra” motivation to get acquainted and socialize. These motifs – nothing like the reality games where for success, whether you like it or not, will have to “work as a team.” The rest is only an innovative form of representation of the universe: 3D-engine of writing in the fifth flash, allowing the game to go on all the computers without requiring any pre-installation, because This plug-in is one of your standard browser. In addition, the game fit in 100 Kilobyte, which are downloaded from the server when logging into the game.

This site is dedicated PROJECT “KETU”, although in fact it is part of the so-called ring sites (WEB RING), and thus is part of it. Below is the entire list of this ring projects.

New multiplayer ON-LINE game: 3D universe chat, dozens of ships, worlds and objects. Unlimited development of your own character.

Volume: 100 Kilobyte !!!

We invite all who wish to be a moderator. More about everything